Kevin 5-0 fakie in Taiwan

Kevin - benihana @ Taichung's stadium sk8spot in Taiwan

Conner - board @ MMC NYC 2010

Kevin - overcrook @ Taipei City's hospital in Taiwan

Conner - Times Sq volcano sess (SUPER 5-0 SpOt)

Kevin - sweet new setup, thanks to Rob @ Bones

Props to Alex C @ Sole Tech for kicks, THANK YOU BIG TIME!!!

Conner's hometown park, We're Board in NC. Look for his big flip clip on site soon.

Buttery "Ass" & Beautiful Blunt on mini ramp in LES 12st & Ave A.

Kevin - super nollie out of kicker ramp

TM's Lunch special while boarding the bullet train in Taipei, Taiwan 2010.
This includes egg, pork chop, salad dish, veggies, rice & drink for A BUCK! $

*more pics coming soon folks, check back :-)
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